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DEAL follows several lines of research on Specific Linguistic Needs, which include several macro areas such as: language learning by children, adolescents and adults; language education (Italian, foreign languages, classical languages) of students with special needs, the role of phonological (meta) skills in the learning of non-native languages; language teaching technologies and compensatory measures.

Research results are reported in the following scientific and educational publications.

As part of the theoretical and applied research of DEAL Group, the following dissertations were also created.

Below you can find an extract of the thesis. To access the full thesis click HERE



Coizza Cristina (2015) Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung und Fremdsprachenerwerb bei Kindern mit Legasthenie: eine Untersuchung (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2013/2014)

Comunello Katia (2012) Phonological Awareness in English Foreign Language Learning. A Compensatory Measure for Dyslexic Students (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2011/2012)

Giuliano Beatrice (2015) Foreign Language Anxiety in students with Learning Disabilities. (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2014/2015).

Grasso Sebastiano (2015) Dislessia evolutiva e apprendimento del latino (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2014/2015).

Lombardi Giacomo (2012) La legislazione internazionale in materia di dislessia. Uno sguardo d’insieme e un’analisi della legislazione britannica e americana (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2011/2012).

Marogna Veronica (2012) Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching. A survey on the implementation of accommodations for dyslexic students (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2011/2012).

Negro Francesco (2015) Letteratura e disturbi specifici dell’apprendimento. Aspetti teorici e metodologici per una proposta didattica (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2014/2015)

Pesce Antonella (2012) Develpomental Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning During Early Stages of Literacy (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2010/2011).

Vivaldo Laura (2015) Language Anxiety and Developmental Dyslexia (Tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2014/2015)

Piccioni Alessandro (2016)Breve relazione sugli studi della dislessia in Cina (Tesi di laurea triennale, A.A. 2015/2016)

Rescio Selene (2012) Dealing with Dyslexia in Foreign Language Learning (tesi di laurea magistrale, A.A. 2011/2012).


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