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In this section, you will find a selection of videos

Specific Language Needs – Classification and educational implications

Free lesson held in Venice on April 7, 2016 by Dr Daloiso and Dr. Melero with the title “Specific Language Needs – Classification and educational implications.”

Streaming free lesson May 15, 2015

This lesson was held May 15, 2015 and was streamed (hence why the video quality is not the best). We hope that it might be of interest to you.

Main theories / hypotheses on dyslexia

Here we present a video lesson of 2013 held by Carlos Melero on principal theories / hypotheses on dyslexia with regards to language teaching.

The difficulties of students with special educational need (SEN) in the study of foreign language: the student's barriers, the barriers of class

During this video lesson, Dr. Fish presents the potential difficulties we expect that students with Special Educational Needs meet in the foreign language classroom, taking into consideration the emotional, linguistic, cognitive and socio-cultural dimensions.

Who are students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

In this video, Carlos Melero offers a detailed explanation of what are Special Educational Needs, with particular reference to the context of the foreign language class.